June 27, 2007
Michael Pate's alter egos

ex.plode.us bills itself as “social search” but seemed to be to be another social network site that operates by providing links to other social networks that you may be a member of. Not that original, but any site that supports OpenID is worth exploring. It also has a collections and interests feature but I haven’t quite figured out how that works just yet.

I did find one thing, odd. After providing the site a number of profile links, the search came up with two sites: flickr (which I had already provided) and jaiku (which I hadn’t).

For another perspective, read Ian Thal and the Doppelgängers.


May 25, 2007
mkp66's AIM Page

I have been using AOL Instant Messenger for so long that it predates my standard username style as you may notice. But I was never a customer so I had really had access to anything else they offered.

It could be me, but I think this page is about as Web 1.0-looking as any Web 2.0 design could be. It is exactly like what you expect to see from a big corporation try to create some socialnetworking and not having a clue about how to do it.


May 10, 2007
Jyte - Profile for Michael Pate

Jyte is all about identity but not in the usual way. What this site does is actually let you make claims. The basic idea is that they are personal but there is also the option of participating in groups.

If you prefer asking questions to making statements, you might rather use wis.dm.


March 28, 2007
Michael K. Pate's Profile

Typekey is the long-running identity service provided by Six Apart, who at the time were best known for the blogging solution, Movable Type. Typekey was their try at creating a solution.

But it was controversial from the start, and has never really gone very far. It does support OpenID, though. It will be interesting to see if it has any growth potential as we move into the future.


March 27, 2007
Michael Pate on ziki.com

Ziki is another identity management site. Apparently, this is part of a growing trend.

I haven’t figured out all the features yet. But it definitely looks to have some interesting ideas.


March 27, 2007
claimID.com/michaelkpate - Michael K. Pate

claimID is pretty much the inspiration for this entire site. I had originally planned to redirect this url there, but then decided to whip up my own version.

It still comes in handy, though. I decided to take advantages of the capabilities there to make it my central site for openID. I am excited about the possibilities of that as we move into the future. And I feel like I am fully prepared to take advantage of it.

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