August 4, 2015

Google+ – I have been a big fan ever since I got my invite 4 years ago. And read countless articles about how terrible it is from “journalists” who never use it ever since.

It will remain my main social network as long as it sticks around – and I am confident it isn’t going anywhere.


August 4, 2015

Where you can find the code I have put online.

I don’t know if I mention it anywhere on the site but Textpattern has been my favorite CMS for 11 years now ever since Dean Allen first released it to the public in gamma form. So most of the code you will find is geared toward that.


August 6, 2008
michaelkpate - Plurk

A few weeks ago, Plurk was really hot for an entire weekend when twitter was struggling to stay up.

Unfortunately, and I think Plurk is pretty cool, I really haven’t spent much time going back. Hopefully, Plurk will find a way to make itself more relevant.


May 23, 2008
Michael K. Pate's Timeline

When you consider Dipity as a lifestreaming app, it is kind of cool but not necessarily a standout in this already pretty crowded field. Where Dipity truly stands out is the fact that it can be used to build timelines on any topic that you can think of and many of them have already been created.

Using lifestreaming as a building block to get the rest of the site in motion would seem to me to be a pretty brilliant stragegy. To learn more about what they are thinking, listen to the Dipity Dukes episode of Net@Night.


August 29, 2007
Michael Pate's Contact Information - Powered by Plaxo

Plaxo has long had a negative reputation due to their overly-aggressive tactics at acquiring new members in their earlier days. They seem to be working hard to change that.

And they are doing some really innovative things like Open Social Graph. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Desktop Tower Defense

August 28, 2007
Michael K Pate's Mazes

I know I am far from the top Desktop Tower Defense player out there, but I still find the game an enjoyable mix of strategy and cunning.

Plus, there is just something about taking out those darn creeps…


July 27, 2007
Michael Pate  of Avon Park, Florida - michaelkpate - Discover and share links for Michael Pate

When I first found this one, I wasn’t quite sure how WikiYou and PeekYou were different. I also wasn’t thrilled that it was using my old MySpace photograph as I like my latest portrait much better.

A little bit of cleanup, though, and I have an entry that I can live with. I am wondering at this point, though, just how many of these sites there are out there.


July 1, 2007
Michael K Pate's Lifestream

I haven’t done much with Natuba yet. It looks to be a pretty good Lifestreaming app but I haven’t found anything that sets it apart from any of the others.

Definitely something to explore more later.


May 15, 2007
michaelpate -

ICQ is one of the original instant messaging services. I don’t remember when I first created my account but I know I have had it for at least a decade.

But it isn’t something I use very much anymore. I just had to clean up the profile data because it was years out of date. So consider this one included just for completeness.


May 10, 2007
Member: michaelkpate | LibraryThing

If you are looking for a place to keep track of everything you read, you certainly can’t go wrong by trying our LibraryThing.

Plus you can write reviews and see what other people and do all sorts of Web 2.0-type things. This is a site to watch.


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